Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kubota Photo Design

When I was in middle school, I lived in Hawaii. I had a friend named Kecia. I was always slightly jealous of Kecia. She had boobs. She was really smart. I thought her colored jeans from Foxmore and her white Nike's were cool. She also had a verrrrrry cute brother, Kevin. Now Kevin was like a senior in high school or something, so totally unattainable in every way, but still cute. I remember having a sleepover at Kecia's house and her brother was getting ready to go on a first date with a girl named Clare. He married that girl Clare and started an amazing photography company. He has created amazing photography stuff that I know nothing about. He also received some fabulous humanitarian award. All that stuff is here. Even now, 20+ years later I still think Kevington Steele (as we used to refer to him) is still kinda cute! What he really is, is an amazing photographer - from any angle (oh, I crack myself up!). I swiped some of his incredible wedding photos off his blog. Lookie here:

All images from Kubota Photo Design.

Apparently Kevin and his team (which includes his sister, Kecia) have workshops and such all over the world! While I only sporadically keep in touch with my friend from Hawaii (they're all mainlanders now), I am always happy to hear of such success amongst friends, old and new. Check out his amazing work on his website Kubota Photo Design.

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  1. Kevin's work is amazing I had no idea that you know him. I just saw him in vegas a couple of months ago!