Saturday, May 9, 2009

Shoe and Boob Dilemma

So I'm sitting here messing around with Polyvore after having shopped all day for engagement session shoes. I was looking for red or pink to match this turquoise, red and pink dress I plan to wear. I found these instead:

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They are so cute and actually don't kill my feet. But the color is just off and off in not a good way. The Candyman agrees with me. Back to the store they go.

This current shoe hunt is leaving me with trying to figure out what shoes to wear with The Dress. How do I figure this out? Do you buy the shoe first, then have it with you for the dress fitting? I'm assuming I've got to do that with bras and such too, right? I have no idea what kind of boob apparatus I'm going to need. I can't do a strapless because of the v-neck,deep back aspect of the gown. I think I'm going to have to get some of these weird boob-like implant things.

Photo courtesy of Bare Necessities
This is the Nu Bra Divine Body Bra. Anyone ever wear one of these suckers? Supposedly the silicone sticks to your boobs. Are these as unhelpful as the lick 'em-stick 'em horseshoe shaped "bras" we all bought for prom, circa 198something? The silicone wonders above are $65!

So, do I bring all the goodies with me to the fitting? If so, I gotta get to shoe shopping. My problem is my knee. I killed my knee running like a crazy person, training for too many marathons. Prior to that I was a shoe WHORE. The higher, the better. The freakier, the better. I have some gorgeous shoes that I can no longer wear. I have appropriated a few special pair to special people who wear a size 8-1/2 (Michele, I hope you are caring properly for the coveted nude boots). The others I hoard away, dreamy of a day when I just....might....wear them again.

That being said, I can no longer stand to wear high heels for any given length of time. However, I cannot imagine wearing flats on my wedding day. I am marrying a man who is eight inches taller than me (and I'm 5'10"!) and I want to wear heels, dammit! I think I can get away with 3" for the day though. My doctor would say flats. Platforms would be my preference. In my random searching today, I found these little nuggets of goodness:

I know these are by Guess, but I have no idea where I found them. Guess shoes usually kill my feet so I'll probably avoid these, but they are cute with the little flower, no?

These are by Shelley George, are on sale for $144 and have a 3 " heel. Kinda vintage looking, which is cool. Sadly, they also have a bit of a "Colorifics" feel to them too.

These are by Something Bleu and are only $360! Bah. The lower heel and platform is good for me though. I need more of this style for under $100.

I'm still thinking of blue shoes as my "something blue" and it is really hard to find Tiffany blue shoes. These are from Betsey Johnson and are $175. They also have a 4" heel. My knee is already pissed off at them. I'm only mildly irritated.

The Candyman and I went to what we both consider to be the world's best place to shoe shop: Marti & Liz in Cool Springs, Tennessee. It's designer shoes at a discount. They are samples, returns and past season merchandise sold at a DEEP discount. I'd share their link, but they don't even have a website! There was a pair of satin, peep toe sling back KATE SPADE shoes for $49.99. They were an 8. I wear an 8-1/2. They were blue, they were so close. C'est la vivre. I bought a pair of flip flops instead. The Candyman got some groovy top-stitched things for only $35. Score.

So for real, I need some advice. Do I have to get all the accessories prior to dress fitting?


  1. I think you do--but I 1. have not bought my dress, and 2. have never had a fitting before. Ha! But it seems logical to bring everything so that they can fit it perfectly against your bust and get the right length of the dress.
    I think I might have to get those weird silicone stick-to-your-boobs thingies too. The dress I have my eye on has a plunging back. If you try it on, let me know how it works out!

  2. The sticky boobs are the best things ever invented!! Believe it or not they work really well and they stand the test of time...the only prob comes when you sweat! Then you have to keep pressing on your chest like a crazy person! haha!! And according to my dress shop ladies, I need ALL things I plan to wear with the dress for my, bra, undergarments (if you will wear spanks or not)... Hope that helps!!

  3. Good point. I should probably double check with the shop to see what I need to bring! I wonder how the sticky things are sized....

  4. you do need to get the shoes before the fitting... i had to reschedule mine because of no shoes. you have to have them to get the dress length just right. as for the bra - i don't have to wear one with my dress so i'm not much help on that end.
    you're looking for tiffany blue too? me too. the only ones i could find are on my blog. they're a little boring, but i'm going to do shoe clips to glam them up a bit. i have been looking for months - online and in stores. nothing else has come close.
    best of luck!

  5. Eek, I'm no help with advice, but those boob things are a bit scary. Adorable shoes, though!

  6. I would love for you to link to the Makeup Nashville blog. Thanks!

  7. I have tried the boob things and didn't like them AT ALL. Sticky and didn't do anything but sit on my boobs and drag them down (like they need to be dragged any further). And forget it if you sweat!

    Also remember that your shoes will be seen minimally. I know a lot of brides that have nice shoes, then change into flip flops durning the reception ( with a little heel, of course. ;-D) Steve madden has cute spongey flip flops with a bit of a heel (but not crazy).

  8. Although what am I saying - I bet you won't wear flip flops if your life depended on it! LOL

  9. Ooh, Kate Spades for $49.99 - awesome! But yeah just keep on shopping. Patience and cute shoes will come to those who persevere.

    As for the boob thing, I will probably go the Nu Bra route too. Try eBay because some sellers specialize in selling those and double-sided tape (seriously what a market). They are usually priced around $30 so I'd definitely buy them there. $60 for those chicken cutlets? Please.

  10. 1) yes - my shoes are a perfect blue. :) a teeny bit darker than true tiffany blue, but as close as i will ever find.

    2) can't for the life of me get the as seen on abg image to work on my blog... any tips? thanks!!