Friday, May 1, 2009

Stuck in the Center

I'm still mulling around what to do with my centerpieces. I really have no idea. My florist is "on hold" with even pricing anything out since I don't have a clue. We've put "TBD" on all the reception flowers at this point. Ridiculous for someone of my planning and negotiation skills.

Should it be flowers? Candles? Both? I have no idea.

I like this centerpiece arrangement. I have no idea where I found this picture, so if anyone knows, please advise so I can give props where props are due.

I like the curly willow wreath (I have wreaths at the chapel too) and I was thinking about using ivory garden roses instead of the rose variety above. It looks like the glasses are wrapped with parchment paper and tied with a ribbon. I'm not sure I really like the candle look though as I'm not a huge fan of extraneous ribbon.

Because I work where I work, I have access to these hurricanes:

Photos courtesy of my job.

I can get these super cheap. I found pillars from at $6.99 for 3- 3x4" in ivory. That's $2.33 a candle. Anyone know where I can get pillars any cheaper? Anyway, I could center the hurricane in the wreath. Would that look pretty or is it too busy?

Use the hurricane above and surround it with votives in clear glass cups that I can get at no extra charge from Mere Bulles. It would then be a candle extravaganza, but no flowers.

Use the hurricane above and surround it with 3 clear glass bud vases, each with a garden rose or two in ivory. My florist did little bud vases for another Nashville bride, Raney, who was sweet enough to be a reference and chat me up about Angela and her floral expertise. Here's a shot from her wedding. I don't know who the photographer was, but I snagged this off her Facebook pics! Thanks, Raney!

Since I'm in the business of decor, I might be able to get some bud vases for cheap-a-roo. I should look on BridalTweet or eBay as I might find something there. I'll have to wait and see. I go overseas in about a month and will probably find some goodies then.

I have not abandoned the idea of traditional, low all-floral arrangements. I am not married to the idea (pun intended) of the hurricane. My florist can do great stuff like this:

Photo courtesy of Angela Sadler.

If the flowers were all ivory, it would be perfect, so I have no fear, I'm just thinking about cost, feeling, beauty. Damn, I'm just all over the place.

Feedback, people. I need it.


  1. cheap vases => dollar store! a buck each, and no shipping! I bought a bunch of vases on ebay for a couple dollars each, before realizing that shipping was chewing up my budget.

  2. I love Idea#1. I've never seen this before and it's so rustic and charming! However I do appreciate the hurricane vases and your ability to get them cheaply, which will add that wonderful luster and glimmer to your tables.

  3. I just found your blog! It's great to find another Nashville bride-to-be :)

  4. Louise, I would go with idea 2 or 3 depending on the flowers that you put in the vases. Those bud vases are quite precious!
    How about dressing up the hurricanes with your monogram or some type of paint or wrap?

    Oh and I just went to a wedding where the bride's mom picked up the 15" diameter bowls in Beijing for $5 each! It was filled with water, pebbles, and a 6" diameter candle from Bangkok ($3 each). Nice. These were packed into a few suitcases but it may be worth it!

  5. I like the last idea - the vase of flowers arrangement you said your florist could easily do or the first one. The hurricane looks heavy - unless you wrap or paint or????

  6. I think they're all beautiful, so I'd go with whatever was cheapest. What about Idea 1 without the ribbon--you could either print the vellum with your monogram, or leave it plain and affix with double sided tape.

    As for jewelry with our dress, I think I've decided on a relatively simple drop necklace and sapphire studs. That said, I haven't tried the necklace out with the dress, so I might change my mind again. Pictures here:

  7. I love idea number one...I have to say I might want to pull this off too! It's beautiful, rustic, great for vintage and garden themes...I LOVE IT!! Can anyone give me details on how to put together the wreath part? I love the background of your page! :)

  8. i love #1 and #3--I would do some of each!