Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hell to the Yeah!

OK, I'm about to have a fashion-gasm.

I have failed to update you on my shrug-obsession. I think I have found my fix on Etsy. Oh, please. Oh, please. Oh, please write me back Etsy-Seller!

Here's the latest.....

I looked at any and all shrugs/boleros on my two weekend-long shopping extravaganzas and found nothing. I even went to Forever 21 and looked at the shrugs I had seen on-line. My reaction was simply this: ew. So cheap looking and lame. I mean, they are OK for just knockin' around, but not for my wedding.

I kept checking back on Etsy and wasn't finding anything. Last night, I quietly opened the attic while The Candyman was engrossed in the Cowboys/Panthers game (we're Panthers people, whether I care or not) and got into my stash of old patterns to see if I had a shrug pattern somewhere I could modify. I dug through some old fabric too (have I mentioned that I interned for a private designer and she gave me thousands of dollars worth of supplies - just because I was a student?) . I found a nice little ivory, Swiss dot tulle that I had enough of to make a shrug, but couldn't find a decent pattern. I grabbed my pattern templates thinking I might actually make my own...... I brought it all downstairs and stashed in some drawers, afraid The Candyman might see a new project and get pissed.

It was still brewing in the back of my mind today and I thought I'd give Etsy one more stalk and see if I could find something new. Oh yes, I did. The store is called MaryandAngelika and they have EXACTLY what I am looking for. Exactly. Check it out:

I've convo'd the Etsy seller. I just hope she writes me back tout de suite. Aren't these just lovely? What color do y'all like? The brown would go with my color scheme and would look just dandy. The red is total pop though and I kinda love it. The only little tiny thing is that the smallest flower looks like it will end up in my arm pit, so I've asked the seller how it's affixed. If it falls wrong, I can just re-attach it up higher if won't damage the jacket to remove it. I just love that these are actually little jackets versus the tie-back shrug version. This has every element I have been searching for: ruffled collar, fabric flowers and gathered cap sleeves. I love it. LOVE IT! Please keep your fingers crossed that I can get this in time. Nothing like pushing things to the last minute.

Update - Etsy seller wrote me back! She's In Israel! I have to pay an extra $19 for shipping, but I don't care. Decided on the brown as the red with my blue shoes might make look like a flag.


  1. Cease and desist all wedding projects immediately. And wtf are you doing downloading legal forms from Suze Oreman. First, in case you haven't noticed, I'm an attorney, I'll handle the legal stuff. Second, internet legal forms are garbage and will cause more problem than they will solve. Love ya, that is all

  2. Those are the most gorgeous little shrugs I've ever seen! Really to-die-for. I want one, even though I'm not sure what I'd put it with...have to think on that. Good call on the brown - it would not do to look like a flag on your wedding day!

  3. These are familiar and yes, a must for your closet. The brown will be perfect with your color scheme!

  4. Loverly!

    Oh, and I think I know who that Anonymous post is from . . .

  5. Haha Anonymous commenter was f-ing awesome!

    I love those shrugs but I want longer sleeves and I'm not having any luck. Boo. Maybe over the winter some etsy sellers will put up some warmer styles.

  6. Oops. Busted by The Candyman! :)

  7. She made my lace bolero...she's amazing! I took my own measurements (a questionable task for me..) and she created magic! I can't wait to wear it! :)