Friday, September 11, 2009

To Shrug or Not to Shrug? Or Should I Just Bolero?

Gawd, I've been so disgustingly busy at work, it's sick. Sick! Don't these people know I'm getting married ONE MONTH FROM TODAY!?!?! HO-LY CRAPTASTIC! As The Candyman keeps lovingly reminding me, "This thing's happening, Lula!" Lula is is what The Candyman calls The Thirty-Something Bride when he's feeling particularly sweet and amorous. It's true. ;)

Anyway, these incredibly lame work people keep piling stuff on my desk, like I might actually get it done on top of all the other stuff I have to do - like my day-job of product development. I do not have time for your silly meetings, unproductive conference calls or mass emails. No, I do not.

What I want to make time for is shrug shopping. I have suddenly fallen in love with the idea of a shrug. Etsy is chock full of them. I entered a contest for one, but alas, I did not win this cute little capelet from refectionbyds.

Pretty, no?

Totally loving this one from Bonzie! The only thing I'm not totally loving is the fact that it ties in the back. I don't think that would look good with the back of my dress - better for a strapless gown, I think. But totally swoon-worthy. right?

But what about this one from The English Dept?

Here's the thing though - these things are a snap to make. Seriously. I could probably make my own pattern if I had more time. Oh, who am I kidding? I hate making patterns. I bet I could find a cute pattern though and whip something out, right? I have a few problems though:
  1. The Candyman said no more projects.
  2. The sewing table is covered with wedding crap (by the way, totally disappointed in the lack of participation in my little PWC contest!).
  3. I think people are actually starting to get mad at me and my projects.
  4. Where in God's name am I going to find the time?
  5. This weekend is dedicated to OOT bags with the girls. Lots of iron on transfers and wine please!
I need to think this through. If I did, by chance, just happen to find a cute pattern, that is if just by coincidence, if I ran to JoAnn's at lunch tomorrow and just maybe, happened upon something cute. What then? Wouldn't I OWE it to myself to at least think about it? Right?

A little help here ladies. I'll have to do some fancy dancing with The Candyman!


  1. I love the bolero from the English dept! I'm planning to make a jacket or bolero from my Mom's wedding dress. I say do it!

  2. I second liking the bolero from the English Dept. Trust me - time to start buying unless you can outsource someone else to make this!

  3. I'd offer to make one for you, but I'm not sure I'm a good enough seamstress. I could KNIT one, but that doesn't appear to be what you want. Let me know if you want me to look at some patterns. I'd have to find some really cool ivory yarn too, like silk, right?

  4. had got to stop interfering with life!!!

    And the shrugs...super cute!! I love all three of them

  5. I do think it would be a snap to make. The idea is fantastic. The shrug would be more wonderful if you made it - but don't do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Toooo much!!!!! Wish I could do it for you, but the coordination would take you longer than doing it yourself:(

  6. I have to agree with the moratorium on projects... we're about the same distance away from our wedding. Last night I proposed baking several dozen cookies for favors, and my sweetie look at me like I had two heads. Are we not busy enough?, he asked. Better to shell out the 80 bucks or whatever, so that you can avoid piling more things on your plate.

  7. I love the last one!! I agree with One Barefoot Bride, you're getting to the point that time is money and money is time. Give yourself some breathing room! :)

  8. Love them. So cute! I used to look at shrugs and think, "What? What is that FOR?" But now I think they're cute.

    Hope the OOT bag party went well!