Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"I Wish" Wednesday!

I so wish I'd had this for Save the Dates! How much fun is this? Almost as fun as opening wedding presents. Almost.

The folks over at Robbins Brothers (you know, the engagement ring store) contacted me about this so cute widget! You can use it for Save the Dates, Engagement Announcements or just a super cute video for your wedding web site! I'm totally going to upload to ours!

A Virtual Love Note
Featuring Louise and The Candyman
Create your own at Robbins Brothers, The Engagement Ring Store

Head over to their site and make one for yourself! It's totally easy and kinda fun, I have to admit!


  1. I love it!
    So cheery and playful and fun!
    I'm totally going to play around on that site later!!

  2. L, too seriously cute.

    Oooh I had this e-mail too and wanted to play around with the tool. Now I totally will!