Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"I Wish" Wednesday

Really, at this point I don't have a whole lot to wish for. Maybe world peace? A cleaner planet? Like 99.9% of the Wedding Crap is done. Done! We go today to get our marriage license. Weird. I'm actually a little nervous about that. I wonder why? Other than the little pissy details, I am good to go. We are ready for lift off. It's time to do this gettin' married thing!

So what I really am wishing for right now is that my nails would stop peeling. I have really thin, weak nails and I normally keep them short. I wanted them to look a little more fem and girlie for the wedding so I've been growing them out for the past month. I've been getting manicures and keeping them polished to try to aid their growth. My thumbs, ring fingers and pinkies look great. My index and middle fingers look like crap! They keep peeling and splitting! I've been avoiding using my nails as any sort of tool. I have not been picking at them or biting them. I am so annoyed. I absolutely detest fake nails, so that's not an option. I just wish that miraculously, I could have long gorgeous Barbara Streisand nails. You know what I'm talking about.

I mean, just look at those nails. "Like butta......"


  1. WalMart sells a brand of hair, skin and nails vitamins that work miracles. I despise shopping in Wally World, but I will go in there to get these vitamins. I have no clue what brand they are, but they come in a brown bottle with a pink label (I think the bottle is actually in a pink box on the shelves). Might be worth a shot...they worked wonders on my peeling tragic fingernails.

  2. Dylan, Thanks! I wonder if 12 days is enough time for it to work?

  3. Don't think 12 days will do it. AND, I figure Barbara's nails are not hers. And you need to have your thyroid checked. Low runs in the family AND causes nails to peel.

  4. Hey you....same nail prob here and wanted to warn you I had my nails done for the rehearsal dinner and then the salon said they'd touch up if needed when I was getting my wedding hair done the next day. Well, because my nails are sooo thin, they all bent and the polish chipped off every damn one. Fearing the same thing would happen all wedding day, I actually cut my thin nails pretty short, filed them square and just put clear shiny pinky polish on them. Since they were short, they couldn't bend, nor chip. And even if they didn't it wouldn't be noticible like it would if they had had a french manicure and were missing a big white chunka of color. Just wanted to let you know so you could have a back up plan maybe? XOXO