Monday, September 14, 2009

The Weekend, Part Dos

OK, so I have to back up just a wee tad. On Friday morning, I come downstairs to head out to work. The Candyman had already left the casa, but there was a big Crate and Barrel box sitting in the middle of the living room floor. I thought, "Waaaaaait a minute, that wasn't there last night!" I quickly devised that it was delivered at the front door and The Candyman simply walked past it when he came in from work the day before (I come and go via the back door). How he could have missed it is beyond me. It was HUGE! So I started dancing a jig in the living room because it was OUR FIRST WEDDING PRESENT!

I'll admit, I had every desire a Thirty-Something Bride could have to go tearing into that box! But no, I did not. I exercised great restraint and left the box untouched. I had to rush home that evening in order to meet the girls for dinner and expected The Candyman to be home. He was not. But guess what was? ANOTHER HUGE BOX FROM CRATE AND BARREL WAS AT THE FRONT DOOR! Too much! It was too much! The Candyman called and he was stuck in traffic and I had to leave. What sort of sick twist was fate serving me? I mean, TWO boxes and I'm not allowed to open them?? WTF?

So I did what every smart bride would do. I checked the registry list! Booya! Score! We got ALL of our wine glass and half our champagne glasses! Yeehaw!

When we were finally able to open up and unpack everything - wow! I went to the cupboards and packed up all my old, mis-matched wine glasses and replaced them with the new. Am I supposed to wait to do that until after the wedding? Oops. Anyway, they look so beautiful! Even though I am a Thirty-Something Bride and I don't need a whole lot of stuff, I have to admit, the purging of the old and mis-matched seems appropriate since I have found my match. I felt a little weird about registering but it's so OK to get new stuff. It's funny, suddenly it's not about getting the stuff, but getting ready for our new life - together. How wonderful.

Thirty-Something Bride sans make-up and The Candyman, sporting The People's Eyebrow.



  1. I love the "match" metaphor! Oh, and can the Candyman wear that Sponge-Bob shirt at least once while the kids are in Nashville? They discovered Sponge Bob this summer when the places we stayed had cable. They became devoted fans, and they would very excited and pleased by said shirt.

  2. You're very welcome Lou! I'm thrilled our gift was your first and even more excited to have made your blog! :) Can't wait to see you in month!

  3. Congratulations on your first wedding gifts! That's so exciting! Ahhh! FUN! Louise, I absolutely LOVE your blog. :) Thanks for sharing your awesome personality and wedding experience. Miss you at this month's Unabridged Bride!