Friday, September 18, 2009

A Quick Update

OK, just to keep everyone up-to-date......

It took the police FIVE HOURS AND FORTY MINUTES to show up at our house yesterday. We called them after two and a half hours to "remind" them that we were still waiting. At three and a half hours a policeman called us to tell us that he was busy, but coming. Why was he busy? It was raining in Nashville. That is what he said, I kid you not. Um, what?

So he finally shows up and spent all of 12 minutes in our house taking a report. He asked us for the license plate number and it's the one thing we didn't have! I don't know mine, The Candyman doesn't know his and that info is nowhere else but on the registration. The cop asks us to show him the registration. Uh, hi. It's IN THE TRUCK. That was stolen. From in front of our home. You know, THE FELONY that occurred that has taken you FIVE HOURS AND FORTY MINUTES TO RESPOND TO? He looked at us like we were freakin' nuts. We gave him the VIN and he said he could get the plate number from that. He then called us from his patrol car (in which he sat for about an hour after leaving the house) and said he couldn't find it. Again, um - WHAT? Aren't you guys like, the cops?

Our insurance covers a rental (thank you GOD!) and the poor Candyman had to wait until after 3pm to get his rental because they were all out of cars. Again, um - WHAT? You rent cars. You have no cars. What sort of "enterprise" is that? I'm just sayin'.

Things we have learned:
1. We have excellent insurance and the premium is worth every damn penny.
2. Make copies of your car registrations TODAY and file them with your other car stuff. You'll thank me if your car is stolen, destroyed, misplaced.
3. Not all insurance companies keep your plate numbers on file. Make a note of #2.
4. I am one cool cucumber in the face of a crisis. Who knew?
5. The Candyman paces like a caged lion when he's deep in thought/agitated/worried/sleepy. I need to put up road blocks to deter this for future potential crises. He paced himself into severe back and calf cramps yesterday. I'm surprised there isn't a path worn through the carpet from the kitchen, through the dining room and into the living room, from the kitchen, through the dining room and into the living room, from the kitchen, through the dining room and into the living get the point.

Thankfully, all the crap got taken care of yesterday so The Candyman can get the hell out of Dodge for the weekend. He's off to Asheville, NC, for his bachelor party! After this week, that man needs a little R&R. I don't even care if the guys take him to look at boobies. I know what melts that man's butter and big, fake, spray-tanned boobies ain't it. Grind away ladies, that man's comin' home to ME. :)

I swear, actual bridal stuff is upcoming. I have been slightly distracted.


  1. Oh dear God I'm glad you guys are ok.

  2. What an awful ordeal, and I'm happy to hear your insurance worked out. Also, thanks for the life-tips re: car info. Oy.

  3. Very sorry to hear about this situation. I hope your weekend is going well despite it.

  4. Girl, you need to go watch this video - all the way to the end!

  5. That is so annoying. Poor future hubby. At least he is having fun...sounds like you deserve some fun too!