Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"I Wish" Wednesday!

And I almost forgot....again. Wishing on Wednesday has become a bit of a chore. How sad is that?

I have so busy at work, I can't even think straight! Or read all the blogs I want to read. What is up? Lame, is what that is.

Anyway, while work is crazy, a few really cool things came in, but I hate the finish on them. So what's a crafty Thirty-Something Bride/Product Designer to do? Bad finish? Meet my can of spray paint. I have been the spray-painting fool this week. Can I tell you how much fun spray painting is?

First of all, I'm a big believer in spray paint. It can work wonders. I'd post a picture of the many a-spray-painted objects in my house, but I can't. My upload cord is at work as is The Candyman's (note to self - coordinate digital camera stuffs with fiance). I'm tell you, high gloss black paint works wonders on anything circa 1970's. Do it.

Since spray painting can be stinky, I've been waiting until everyone leaves the office before I let fly with the aerosol. I have so been enjoying these moments: empty and quiet office, a can of satin paint and inanimate objects dying to become beautiful.

I wish I could spray paint every day.


  1. Love the image of you spray painting after hours!

  2. That's fantastic! and sounds like a lot of fun on a day like today. I paint everything black too. Don't inhale too many fumes :P

  3. You need one of these.... stat. It's faster than the camera interface. You'll love it!!