Monday, September 14, 2009

The Weekend, Part Uno

How much stuff could happen in ONE WEEKEND?? All wonderfully fun, lovely stuff! I know I can't get it all in one post. I'm going to post a little at a time, just so I don't inundate my poor readers with my manic typing of all things weekend related.

First, in regards to the bolero/shrug thing: I don't think I'm going to make one at this point. The sewing table is covered with wedding crap. I couldn't find any awesome patterns, which means I'd either have to make my own (blech) or revise the hell out of an existing pattern which can be as bad as starting from scratch.

I was out and about this weekend (more on that later) and I swear, I checked a gazillion stores and no one had any cool shrugs/boleros. I went to:
BCBG Maximara
Betsey Johnson
The Limited
J.Crew (I did find cute wedding flip-flops for $9.99 and a t-shirt for $4.99 though!)
Ann Taylor
Arden B.
White House/Black Market

I even went into Chico's and The Gap for goodness sake and nada! I'm going to check out, just in case.

These are the little flip flops I got at J.Crew for $9.99!


What I don't understand about these is that they are $14.50 on-line and $9.99 in the stores. Eh?

But back to the weekend recap! I 'll start with Friday, when my friend Kathy came in from east Tennessee for the weekend. Now, don't hold anything against her just because she's from east Tennessee. She's not your typical east Tennessean, thank GOD. She stayed with my other friend Jan and we all met up at her house to get the weekend started! After a much needed Pinot Grigio, we opted for sushi for dinner. Since Kathy is from a small town in east Tennessee (have I mentioned that yet?) she doesn't have access to sushi. She has tried it once or twice, but nothing really memorable. We went to a tasty place called Peter's Sushi-Thai and ordered what seemed like the entire menu! Kudos to Kathy! She struggled through her use of the chopsticks, but never gave up! In retrospect, I think Jan and I totally out-ate her, simply based on chopsticks-skill!

After dinner, we called it a night - we had a big day ahead of us! More recaps to come! Who else had a FABULOUS weekend??


  1. YAY for fabulous weekends, I had lots of DIY projects done and hung out with my beauitful family.

  2. I could never find a shrug/bolero to go with the style of my wedding dress. I really wanted one too. :( Have you checked Etsy?

    Peter's Sushi is awesome! :)