Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"I Wish" Wednesday!

Today's wish is simple. I wish that people would send in their RSVP cards. Now. I also wish they would book their hotel rooms in the blocks provided for them at the lovely discounted rate. I have to keep extending the cut-off date because people just aren't doing it. I didn't tell everyone there was a cut-off date. I probably should have. I have now updated that on our wedding website, but people aren't looking at that either.

Every single bit of information that one could possibly need, plus more that they don't is included on that damn website. Y'all know how freakin' compulsive detail-oriented I am, right? All people have to do is go to the website and voila, questions answered! But apparently that too, is difficult. I sent out a reminder email regarding the wedding and website to our guests when the invites went out. In that email, there was the link to our website. I had a friend reply to that email requesting the link. Eh? Really? It's right there. Now, I know that I've been super scatter-brained over the last few weeks, but wow. Again, really? Me no get.

Before I set myself off into another RSVP tirade, I've already written one here on Weddzilla. What's funny is that barring the current RSVP irritation, I'm surprisingly calm. Sweet!


  1. Yay, something new to look forward to. My invites go out this week ;)

    I reset the tracking on our wedding website--can't wait to see how many people actually go there for complete details as directed...

  2. I hear ya! Although our invitation contained a card with the URL of the wedding website, asking people to go there & RSVP, I got an email asking how to find the wedding website.

    And although the website contains LOTS on info about each event (welcome dinner, ceremony, reception), I've gotten emails asking what exactly the welcome dinner is. RTFM, people!

  3. Yep I love how some people lose the ability to read their e-mails. Unfortunately, you'll be e-mailing a lot more because simple instructions can't necessarily be comprehended. Oh well, send out reminder blast e-mails!

  4. So, L--what's the web address again???:) LOL!!! JK!